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Martin Eden - Jack London

’One day I’ ve read a book and my life has changed.’’
This words belongs Orhan Pamuk’ s book which called ‘’Yeni Hayat - (New Life)’’. When I started to read, beginning from the first page it’ s locked me into it and accoarding to Orhan Pamuk’ s own words, ‘It has changed my whole life.’

I’ ve read this novel for a long time ago. When the book finished I thought for a second nothing will not fit me anymore. At late hours I realized that I turned the page which is the last one, then I leaf through the part through the start. I was paying attention for more and getting more excited. I was feeling Martin Eden inside my individuality, the only difference between us was Martin decided to change his life for his love and his dreams, but me, I was just a coward. I can not admit even as to myself from that day to this.

Martin Eden is a sailor who can not walking even talking. He invited Arthur his home for supper who he saved from fighting. Starting from entering to home, he possessed with an emotion which he hasn’ t felt before. He feels like a disgusting bug and then he meet with Ruth and he feel love which he couldn' t feel all emotions inside of his body and his individuality. Ruth is so sylpish and kind person. Martin decided to be kind person just like Arthur and improve himself to be deserve her who fell in love after finish the supper at that night. This period is such a tough process that, he will reliaze inflexible thoughts on him and things that he believe for nothing. At the end he’ ll feel all the capitalist system effects on human beings.

Actually, Martin Eden is an autobiographic novel. It has overtones about life of Jack London.
You can feel so deeply his all the struggling to be writer in every single page of this book.

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